Become a Staff Today!

Hey guys! I’ve noticed the blog has been a little inactive, and me being away and not able to post that much, due to school work. I’ve decided to hire more people who are looking to work for the blog, just leave a comment on this post answering the following questions. CP Username: WordPress username…

Club Penguin Pin Cheat

Hello friends, Today I’m showing you the pin for the next two weeks it’s located in the Snow Forts and is called the “Happy Halloween Pin.” If you want to pick it up all you need to do is click on the Pin then, click the “Yes” button.

Club Penguin Pin Cheat

Hey guys, Today I will show you the pin cheat for the next two weeks. It is called “Anniversary Balloons” and can be found in the town. Fun fact: This is the first pin EVER to be hidden in the town! -Carson

Club Penguin Αcrostic!

Hi everyone, It’s Maxime T9 and today I’ve got an acrostic for you. I hope you like acrostics. As you know this is my very first post. So comment below if you want me to post club penguin brain teasers or stuff like that. So, let’s start!